GGJ 2010’da geliştirilen oyunlar


Geçtiğimiz haftasonu ’48 saatlik uluslararası oyun geliştirme maratonu’ GGJ’nin ikincisi yapıldı. Tema olarak ‘deception’ yani ‘kandırma’, üç kelime olarak da ‘fire’, ‘wire’ ve ‘lyre’ verilmişti. METUTECH-ATOM tarafından düzenlenen Ankara ayağında geliştirilen oyunlara aşağıdan ulaşabilirsiniz.

Geçen seneki GGJ’de geliştirilen oyunlar ise şu yazıda anlatılıyor: “Acele iş ve şeytan parmağı”


Swaps N’ Traps

Swaps N’ Traps is a platform game. The main character is an astronaut, who lands on an alien planet and finds himself in a weird cave. Main character is controlled by arrow keys or WASD. Game consists of several levels, where the player has to collect a key and reach a door to advance to the next level. However, this is not a regular platformer. Quadrants of the game screen are loosely screwed to each other, and they often tend to swap places, sometimes accompanied by flips and rotations. Each level also contains traps of several types. Player tries to finish the game against all odds.

(Tırt Games – Elif Buğdaycıoğlu, Zeynep Direskeneli, Serhat Bayılı, Ahmet Ali Batı, Taha Müslümanoğlu, Alpan Aytekin)


Belly Band

Only one player will be able to pass the Gates of Heaven; so be carefully. The player with top Lyre point will have this chance. Try to increase your point by helping your opponent (mark the safe platform) until the Gates are open; then you have to make a deception (by marking gaps). If your opponent trusts you, then he/she will fall down into the fire of hell. Other case; he/she can choose jumping to a different part of the platform. And you cannot know if the Gates are also open for your opponent; here comes the paranoia. Be careful; you will choose your own destiny…

(GameHormone – Fatih Demirdağ, Ahmet Bayhan, Sercan Uysal, Alpan Aytekin)



(Wireland – Emre Ünsal, Erkan Özsayın, Kerem Göçen, Onat Türkçüoğlu)


Soul of Nature

Mankind destroy the nature for worly purposes like money, etc. But those, who do this, forget that we are all piece of nature and we can’t live unless we protect it. Doing this is a deception of mankind. So you must rescue the giant which is killed by Gilgamesh for immortality. After coming to life, he will give a new birth to the forests.

(Decepticons – Mert Yavaşça, Utku Yavaşça, Sıtkı Emre Solak, Alp Karaata, Selçuk Öztürk, Özkan Sayın)



Game is about how different a daydreamer can experience an ordinary thing like crossing the street. It’s all in the mind.

(Object – Onur Dayıbaşı, Melih Yasin Yalçın, Ozan Batuhan Ceylan, Gökhan Çınar)



Beatbox is a guitar hero style music game with an exception: Beatbox does not contain any instrumental sounds but human voices.

(Hüseyin Uslu, Eren Yağdıran, Nizameddin Tuğral, Cansu Özgün Kayacık)



Prey approaches the game play with a creative way. In the game, you control your character’s speed with scroll wheel. The faster you scroll the wheel, the faster character runs. This new approach provides a new experience. In the game, our character is a hunter and tries to catch its prey with your control.

(Jam Board – Kemal Tuğrul Yeşilbek, Berk Eserol, Deniz Sümer, Batuhan Ceylan)


Fire Me Up

(Xanka – Durmuş Ali Çöllü, Kaan Soral, Uğurcan Orçun, Nizameddin Tuğral, Sercan Uysal, Behlül Uçar)


The Golden Lyre

A man, without his memory and abandoned out in a wild jungle. Will he survive, or die by the deadly poison in his body. (When we started the project, we were thinking something like middle of casual and hardcore to play but, in the end we’ve got a pure hardcore and lesser bugged platformer)

(Delusion – Bahattin Tozyılmaz, Gökhan Çınar, Devrim Erdöl, İmre Özbay, Alper Güngör, Ozan Batuhan Ceylan, Ozan Çelik)



The story of a man who was cought in his lover’s house, running to his home, but naked. He has left his clothes. He has many funny stuff happen to him during this adventure.

(Tayfa Tugay Pala, Görkem Paçacı, Ugurcan Orçun, Münire Atıcı, Rıdvan Çakır, Sadık Sadıkoğlu)



A Game for ages 3 to 70. Fun story, graphics 3 game modes Interactive tutorial Interactive Menu

(Xanka – Durmuş Ali Çöllü, Kaan Soral, Uğurcan Orçun, Nizameddin Tuğral, Sercan Uysal, Behlül Uçar)


Fire In The Bed

A guy with strong suspects about his wife’s recent behaviours decides to play the detective.

(Tayfa – Tugay Pala, Görkem Paçacı, Ugurcan Orçun, Münire Atıcı, Rıdvan Çakır, Sadık Sadıkoğlu)


Liar Lyre

The pirates are seeking for treasure on an island where a lyre-playing siren lives. The siren uses her music for deception. So that, pirates are hypnotised and they fall in love with her. But, if she plays a wrong combination of notes, pirates are awaken and they start attacking her.

(god_mode_on – Can Ulutaş, Gökçe Komaç, Hakan Candemir, Mahmut Emre Altun, Murat Ermiş, Samet Mutlu)


Wizards & Viruses

Grand tale of a wizard who is trying to get rid of the virus on his computer. You are the virus.

(Line Art – Hüseyin Olgaç, Erdem Yeni, Ozan Emirhan Bayyurt, Serkan Uysal, İmre Özbay)



The fire which is our main character try to gain control of the host. For reaching its aim, character disguise to the white blood cells. The goal of the game is to pass all the levels without touching the enemy characters. Player controls the main character by swiping his finger across the screen. The character then moves in the direction of the swipe movement with a speed proportional to the length of the swipe. Player can also trace an enemy character’s movement with his finger to disguise his character.

(Parazit – Işık Barış Fidaner, Orkun Kocatürk, Bertan Gündoğdu, Kübra Saygın, Bahadır Çağatay Metin, Uğurcan Orçun)



A creature made by scientists in order to survive in an environment full of harmful bacterias but the only problem is our creature can heal up by the electric on the wire.

(Spark – ?)



A kind of matching game. However, when the lives are totally gone, the real game starts…

(Yunus Ayyıldız, Uğurcan Orçun)

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