IEEE Signal Processing Society Summer School on Game Audio


Graduate School of Informatics, Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey

3-6 September 2012

Web: | e-mail:

Early bird application deadline: 11 July 2012 Application deadline: 2 August 2012


Games are fast becoming the major entertainment product for many people.
This is attested by the continuous growth in the game industry. Games readily benefit from and sometimes drive the developments in computer graphics. In contrast, game audio which is an equally important aspect of games does not benefit from developments in audio processing area in a direct way. Most of the technologies being developed by the members of signal processing community can be applied directly or indirectly to games. This summer school targets postgraduate students from game technology and audio signal processing areas, as well as practitioners in the game development domain. The summer school aims to present a wide view of game audio including artificial reverberation, sound synthesis, spatial audio, sound and speech synthesis, audio coding, interactive audio APIs, and parallel processing all with a game technology perspective. The event will cover a wide range of topics relevant to audio processing for computer games with lectures given by high-profile lecturers from Turkey, Germany, Spain, US and Canada. The following topics will be covered for the lectures in the summer school:

1.      Spatial hearing and 3D audio systems
2.      Room acoustics and artificial reverberation
3.      Audio coding
4.      Game audio programming
5.      Sound synthesis for games
6.      Expressive speech synthesis


– Em. Prof. Jen Blauert (Ruhr-Universitat, Bochum, Germany)
– Mr James (jj) Johnston (IEEE SPS Distinguished Lecturer, US) (TBC)
– Dr Xavier Serra (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain)
– Mr Simon Ashby (Audiokinetic, Montreal, Canada)
– Dr Zeynep Inanoglu (Google, Istanbul, Turkey)
– Dr Huseyin Hacihabiboglu (METU, Ankara, Turkey)
– Dr Banu Gunel (METU, Ankara, Turkey)
– Dr Alptekin Temizel (METU, Ankara, Turkey)
– Dr Veysi Isler (METU, Ankara, Turkey)


The summer school targets postgraduate (Masters and PhD) students, postdoctoral researchers and practitioners. Academic and industrial professionals are also encouraged to apply:
The expected school fee will be $100 (EURO 80) for IEEE SPS student members, $200 (EURO 150) for non-SPS students, $400 (EURO 300) for non-student IEEE SPS members, and $600 (EURO 450) for non-SPS member non-students. Reduced single-day fees for non-student participants are also available. Fees for participants attending the whole event includes all lectures, handling fees, and lecture notes.
The deadline for application to the summer school is 2 August 2012.
You must be an IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) Member at the time of registration to receive the IEEE SPS discount. Please visit for details.


The summer school will be held in the Informatics Institute (Graduate School of Informatics) within the METU Campus in Ankara, Turkey. METU is the top research university in Turkey and also one of the top 100 universities by reputation as reported in Times Higher Education 2012 University Rankings.
Turkey is centrally located and is well-connected to other European countries, as well as North America, Middle East, and Asia where this summer school will also seek students from. Ankara is the capital city of Turkey, and is well-connected both internationally (via the Esenboga International Airport by major airlines and cheap flights to/from European
destinations) and nationally (railway and intercity bus links). Middle East Technical University (METU) campus is located in the western part of the city within easy reach from the city center. METU is at the center of University District which also hosts six other university campuses (Bilkent, Hacettepe, Baskent, TOBB-ETU, Cankaya, and Atilim) all with Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Computer Science/Engineering departments. Informatics Institute is situated opposite METU Technopolis, the university research park hosting R&D branches of many companies with vested interest in audio signal processing and more specifically in game technology. METU Technopolis itself is host to 13 game technology companies that can be listed as examples.
Ankara is a vibrant city with history dating back to Paleolithic times.
There are many touristic attractions in the city including Ankara Castle, the old city area, Temple of August, Roman baths,  the world-renowned Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, State Gallery of Art and Sculpture, Cer Modern Museum of Modern Art, Cengelhan Museum of Science and Technology to name a few. Day trips can be made to UNESCO world heritage sites of Cappadocia,  Hattusha and Safranbolu, the ruins of the Phyrigian city of Gordion, well-preserved Ottoman town of Beypazari, and Soguksu National Park. Istanbul can be reached by a 5 hour coach ride or a 45 minute flight. There are also cheap flights to/from Ankara to the Mediterranean coast and Turkish Riviera.


Budget accommodation is available for students in the METU campus dormitories. The accommodation prices in the dormitories are typically around $35 ppn inc. breakfast. The dormitories of neighboring Bilkent University also offer additional budget accommodation. METU also has a guest house (equivalent to a 2* hotel). Bilkent Hotel, near the METU campus offers 5* accommodation for participants who would prefer high-end accommodation.



For additional information please visit

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