Altuğ Işığan’ın ‘Stitch’ Oyun Hikayesi Onur Mansiyonu Aldı!

14Haz12 adresi geçtiğimiz günlerde hikaye tasarımı yarışması düzenledi. Yarışmanın üç kriteri vardı:

– Yaratıcı,
– Zengin içeriğe sahip olan,
– Oynanabilirliği fazla olan,

oyun hikayelerinin yazılmasıydı. Doğu Akdeniz Üniversitesi’nden akademisyen Altuğ Işığan’ın (bloğu çalışması da seçilen hikayelerden biri oldu. İşte o hikaye;

Stitch (or, the fabric nightmares are made of).

The idea of the world of Stitch is inspired by the wonderful art of the illustrator and designer Paula Sanz Caballero ( (

Stitch presents to the player an illusionary 3D world in which visuals (textures, characters, figures and ground, UI elements etc) are made of 2D fabric and fibers (wool, cotton, linen etc). Its fabric nature gives it a distinct style and interesting features that we cannot observe in much of the video games out there.

In Stitch, our goal is to find out about the secret of a semi-organic semi artificial smart fabric that killed its creator (a biogenetics engineer with a knack for fashion) and started to build a parallel world made of fabrics and fibers (it felt humans have no taste and thought it must do something about it). We are introduced to this problem as a detective who is asked to solve the murder/suicide (?) case of this fashion designer/engineer (his dead body has been found half flesh half fabric in his lab). During our lab investigation we are “teleported” by the “brain fabric” into the fabric world of Stitch. Now we must manage to get out of there, before we can then burn the lab with the “brain fabric” in it and restore world peace.

The parallel world in Stitch consists of two layers: The Fabric World, and the Undercoat. In the Fabric World we fight against enemies made of cotton, wool, nylon and other fabrics and fibers. Our weapons are overlock pistols, scissors, irons etc. We can use zippers to escape into the Undercoat when we find ourselves in a really desperate situation, but we have to remove the zipper before enemies can follow us into it. Plus, it may be difficult to find a zipper in the Undercoat that allows us to go back to the Fabric World.

The Undercoat is home to the “Fashionistas”, a place where weird fashion factions can be found that uprised against the “Tasteless Master”s aesthetics. Some of the factions may help you, others may see you as a threat(d?), so being in the Undercoat can be good and bad.

Before we can kill the ordinary enemy type in Stitch, we have to sew it on another object in the environment close to it, so that it cannot move. We can then cut its head off with a pair of scissors. But there are many types of fabric that enemies are made of, and the best weapon actually depends on the fabric type: For example synthetic fabrics are very vulnerable to the heat and steam of irons, whereas woolen enemies can be simply “diswoven” into a wool ball if we possess the appropriate weapon (a fish rod like device).

One of the bosses in the game is the Magician, a guy who pulls out pieces of fabric out of his hat. These would instantly become enemies, so it’s very important that we kill a Magician as soon as we see him, or he will constantly produce new enemies and unleash them on us. Magicians are usually very quick and know a lot of pockets to hide in. We can sew a Magician into the pocket though, if we manage to locate his hiding place.

There is no health in the world of Stitch. Instead you use patches.

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