ECREA 2012 Konferansıyla ilgili Detaylar

the preconference “Experiencing Digital Games” is less than a week away – time for an update!
* Attached to this mail, you will find an updated program. It includes room numbers, panel chairs, and a few more details. Please check your information and times!
* The preconference will take place at Plato College. The address is: Plato College, Ayvansaray Caddesi No 33 – Balat, Istanbul A map is attached to this mail. More information can be found via their website:
There will be signs to the preconference inside the building – it’s a pretty small place, so no need to worry!
* Important for presenters: We will have PPT, projectors, laptops and speakers available. Please remember that you have about 12 minutes to present, maximum. We have 20 minutes *including* discussion for each and every presentation, so we need the additional 8 minutes for the discussion. There will be a chair moderating the discussion.
* Some of you were asking about the catering/food. There will be coffee, cookies and cake during the afternoon session, and on Wednesday, there will be lunch provided. (All of this is included in the conference fee.) So need to worry. :-) 
* Furthermore, there will be a great Cocktail Reception on the evening of the first conference day. We are invited by Bahçeşehir University and their GameLab. Special thanks go to Güven Çatak who made this possible!! You shouldn’t miss this – the view is from their terrace is supposed to be fantastic. And it should be mentioned that this is fully sponsored by Bahçeşehir University, so the drinks and the food are also included.
* We will provide a shuttle bus from Plato College – our main conference site – to Bahçeşehir University/the reception after the Business Meeting (another reason to visit the Business Meeting!). There will also be a Shuttle Bus from Bahçeşehir University to the main hotel ‘hotspots’. We tried to identify the areas where you are staying, and plan to do a tour with the bus to the following hotels:
Taksim Star Hotel, Siraselviler Caddesi No 37/1 – Taksim, Istanbul 34437
Husa Vizon Hotel, Meşrutiyet Mh. Sütlü Sk No:6 – Şişli, Istanbul 34636
Senatus Hotel, Akbiyik Caddesi No:40 – Sultanahmet, Istanbul 34122 + the area around the old city
Attached to the mail, you will find a map, identifying all the hotels we know of, and the main conference spots. Plato College is “A”, Bahcesehir University is “B”, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (main ECC conference is “C”. Taksim Star Hotel is “4”, Husa Vizon is “7”, Senatus is “2” (this is also the old city, where most of you are staying). If you are not staying in one of these hotels, you can take the bus to the nearest hotel, and in most cases walk from there – or take a (cheap) taxi. Please note that the bus route is not confirmed yet. We will update you on the actual route during the first day/the business meeting (another great reason to visit the Business Meeting!). 
* Did I mention that there is a TWG business meeting on Tuesday afternoon? You shouldn’t skip it, as there will be important updates there. Topics include next year’s workshop at the ICA conference in London, the ongoing survey on Games Research endorsed by our group (in cooperation with our ICA sister group and DIGRA), the progress of our edited volume (based on last year’s conference), journal plans, and much more. 
* Last but not least, please let me remind you that there is also a fantastic games panel during the main ECC conference on Friday afternoon. This is a panel not to miss, featuring some of the most influential games researchers: 
Mia Consalvo (Concordia University, Canada) 
Christopher Ferguson (Texas A & M International University, USA) 
James Ivory (Virginia Tech, USA)
Jeroen Jansz (Erasmus University Rotterdam/University of Amsterdam)
Frans Mäyrä (University of Tampere, Finland)
Finally, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail!
See you in Istanbul!
With kind regards
Thorsten Quandt

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