Dialectics of Game Design — Işık Barış Fidaner


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The game designers have only designed various games; the point is to design the world.

Gameplay is another name for politics. They both call for engagement. They are the same logic of opposing forces identified in separate contexts.

Gameplay is the dynamical aspect that discerns games from other imaginary and fictional media. It is grounded in the structural properties, the mechanics of a game, but it cannot be reduced to it. Thus, gameplay cannot be an academic research field, it is a praxis that unites its practice with its theory, its past with its future, its play with its design.

Is reality less fictional or imaginary than games? Capitalism is a great massively multiplayer game, which incidentally has awfully balanced mechanics and is not really fun for the most of its players. Just like when we were playing Sid Meier’s Civilization we wanted to create worlds like it or even better than it, nothing keeps us, as players of capitalism, from imagining and aspiring to design and realise a far more balanced world with a satisfying gameplay for everyone, be it called communism or not.

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Gameplay is politics
— Dialectics of game design
— part 1A: place of the subjective
— part 1B: action, manor of the subject
— part 1C: the real is the impasse of formalization; formalization is the place of the forced pass of the real
— part 1D: hegel: ’the activity of force is essentially the activity reacting against itself ’
— part 1E: subjective and objective

Does a digital game industry exist?
— Developing a game is developing a joint spirit
— Personal Relationships as the ground of Economy
— Players and Game Developers as Ecosystems
— Game Creation Space as a Pre-Economical Interspace
— Genre-ification of Games as the industrialization of the ecosystem
— Game Genre as a form of universal social labour-time
— What is the raw material of digital game ecosystems?
— Enthusiasm as spiritual raw material
— Playing as a realization of enthusiasm

Antiprogression Chain
— General Will as Full speech
— Narcissistic Antiprogression
— Suture
— Antiprogression Chain
— Antiprogression Chains in The Purloined Letter
— Antiprogression Chains in Capitalism

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