NCA Game Studies Division 2016 Call for Submissions


Below is the call for submissions for the *NEW* National Communication
Association division for Games Studies.


Submission Deadline Dates: Mon, 1/18 2016 12:00 AM – Thu, 3/31 2016 3:00 AM

Submission info and link:

The purpose of the Games Studies Division is to promote scholarship that  highlights communicative behavior in video games, simulators, virtual environments, and massive  online worlds.

Members are concerned with video game use and exposure effects, motivations for playing, games as a social laboratory and serious games, and the rhetorical, critical, and feminist dimensions of this widely popular but still controversial technology.

The Game Studies Division encourages creative submissions that describe and analyze innovative approaches to video game-related issues as well as ones that foster  opportunities for collaboration between attendees. We also seek submissions that portray, research, or enhance the convention theme, “Communication’s civic calling.”

The Game Studies Division will only accept Individual Papers for the time being. Unfortunately we do not yet have enough sessions to accommodate Paper Sessions and Panel Discussions.

All submissions must be made via NCA Convention Central. Emailed or mailed submissions will not be accepted. For a definition of submission types, please refer to the step-by-step “How to Submit” Instructions provided in the Convention Library.

Individual Papers Requirements: Submissions must include a 30-page, double-spaced, Times New Roman or Arial 12 point font, and with 1” margins uploaded copy of the paper. The 30-page limit will be enforced and it includes the title page along with references, tables, and figures. Copies must be uploaded into NCA Convention Central and must not include identifying information. Instructions on how to prepare an anonymous submission are provided in the Convention Library. We will recognize the
Top Paper in our division. Submission should include title, paper description, keywords, and AV requests. Submitters should indicate their willingness to present in Scholar to scholar on the appropriate form.

All submitters are encouraged to review the Professional Standards for Convention Participants prior to submission. Helpful resources, including live and recorded step-by-step instructions on how to submit, are available in the Convention Library.

Questions? Contact Jorge Peña, Game Studies Division Planner (530)

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